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The One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Store This Holiday Season

Wednesday 1 / March / 2017

The holidays are an incredibly busy time of year. For many people, it means additional year-end work responsibilities, special events, time with family and friends, and a longer-than-usual shopping list. And most of us don’t have the luxury (or foresight) to schedule a day off to knock out all of our tasks at once during a slower day in the middle of the week. Instead, we try to take care of our errands over lunch, to fit them in between appointments, or on our way home from the office at the end of the day. Just like everyone else. So we shouldn’t be surprised when we go into a store and it’s filled with other people. But we are! And we shouldn’t be frustrated by the fact that each of those people means we’ll have to wait for our turn. But we are. That frustration usually comes from a lack of clarity about the real situation. What may look like a long wait in a crowded store may actually only be four or five people really waiting for a turn. What we don’t know is a source of very real stress and frustration. That’s why it’s so important for retailers to use the store environment and team members to keep the customer informed about details like the exact number of people in line, the expected wait times, and how we should prepare for our turn. One of the great things about working with Qmatic is that everyone on our team has common customer challenges and frustrations – but we work in a company that is creating solutions. And in a case like busy customer environments, that solution is focused on improving communication. It’s a process that involves numerous components working together to clarify and communicate important information throughout each step in the customer journey. In a case like a busy retail environment, the solution would involve elements like an intelligent layout, digital signage, and an informed mobile workforce – all supported by actual, real-time data.