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Intro17 Generation2

Qmatic Intro 17 Generation 2 is a Linux based customer service point for Orchestra/Solo systems. It is used to present customers with choices and print tickets. Qmatic Intro 17 Generation 2 is equipped with a 17” LCD with a touch screen which makes it possible to design very informative and attractive displays. Intro 17 Generation 2 is built on the powerful and flexible Hub platform, which means that in excess of the standard printer functionality, you get the same functionality as in Hub. The included ticket printer is a network printer that can print tickets in any language. Qmatic Intro 17 Generation 2 can be placed on a floor pedestal, on a table, or hung on a wall.
• Enabling distributed operations
• Linux based
• 17-inch color LED LCD with projective capacitive touch screen. Completely flat glass top surface
• Ethernet connection
• Built-in web browser
• Support for all languages
• Built in camera and loudspeakers
• iBeacon ready
• Exterior color is silver (aluminum) and black glass
• Optional stands for wall, table and floor mounting
• Optional signboards for the pedestal for a logotype, text, etc
• Optional magnetic card reader for customer identification
• Optional ceiling connection kit for routing cables from the ceiling