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BPD Series Solar Pump Inverter

BPD series solar water-pump inverter adopts the dynamic VI MPPT technology and motor control technology, and is suitable for AC water pumps with prompt response, high efficiency and stable performance.


  • Support direct driving for single-phase motor (don’t tear down Start Capacitor), also support the three-phase 220V motor.
  •  One pump inverter can equip with mutiple motors, support vector control.
  • Protection class IP65 and fanless system design, apply quick connection terminals, with convenient installation, and meet various harsh outdoor environment.
  •  Has a bypass function, can support 220V Utility Power input and diesel engine input; optional water level detection module and diesel engine start/stop module.
  • Low start voltage and wide input voltage range give more possibilities for accepting multi PV strings configuration and different type of PV module.
  •  Digital intelligent control can Flexible adjusting and setting pump’s speed range. In addition to soft start function also can provide lightning protection, overvoltage, over current, overload protection function etc.

Technical Specs 

Input (DC): Max DC Voltage (V) 300 450
Starting voltage(V) 80 100
Minimum working voltage(V) 60 80
MPPT Operating Voltage Range (V) 80~250 120~400
Number of MPPT/String Single :MC4
Max. DC Current(A) 9 12 12
Bypass input(AC)
Input voltage (VAC) 220/230/240(1PH)(-15%~+10%)
Input frequency (Hz) 47~63
Input connect method (AC) 1P2L
Rated power(W) 750 1500 2200
Rated current(A) 5.1(1PH) 10.2(1PH) 14(1PH)
4.2(3PH) 7.5(3PH) 10(3PH)
Output voltage (Vac) 0~Input voltage
Output connect method 1P2L/3P3L
Output frequency (Hz) 1~400
Control mode Motor control technology
Type of motor asynchronous machine
Other Parameter
Dimension (H x W x D mm) 280×300×130
Weight (kg) ≤10.5
Protection IP65
Cooling Natural Cooling
HMI LED screen extend(not support LCD screen)
External Communication RS485/Single Digital Input/Analog Input (0-10V)
Certification CE;IEC61800-3 C3
Working environment
Ambient temperature (-25℃~60℃ More than 45 ℃ derating)
Working altitude 3000m(more than 2000m derating)
Design life 5 years (warranty 18 months)
Recommended Solar Array Configuration
250Wp(Open-circuit voltage 38V±3V) 4*1 8*1 11*1
300Wp(Open-circuit voltage 45V±3V) 3*1 6*1 9*1