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TP Touch

Qmatic TP Touch is a network ticket printer for the solutions Orchestra, Ensemble Virtua, Solo Virtua and Q-WIN. The 7-inch colour LCD touch screen with a built-in web browser makes it possible to display a wide range of information.
The built-in web browser can display information from any standard web server together with information from the local queue server. The information is displayed on the same page to provide the best possible customer service.
This version of the printer is used without a licence. When MyQmatic and a licence are added, the printer is instead called Solo Virtua Touch. For more information, please see the Solo Virtua Touch Data Sheet, found on the Partner Portal.
• Ethernet connection
• 7-inch colour LCD touch screen
• Built-in web browser
• Thermal print head, no ink or toner
• Supports all Windows fonts
With the Qmatic TP Touch, you can
• Print tickets in any language
• Display system information
• Display HTML pages from any web server
• Use a dynamical number of ticket buttons: a button can automatically be removed from the screen when the corresponding service is closed