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For the first time in Egypt .. National Bank of Egypt (NBE) opens its first branches of electronic service

Wednesday 24 / April / 2019

The National Bank of Egypt has launched the first phase of the electronic service branch,  which the Bank aims to provide a new experience in the provision of banking services to customers through an advanced model of branches that provide some banking services electronically to customers through alternative channels without full human interference , but only representatives of customer service at the highest level of efficiency and training in order to provide the banking information that customers will need and guidance to how to end their banking transactions, especially in the beginning of the operation of the branches until the client gets used to dealing exclusively within Branch so as to enhance the concept of e-banking services. The first phase of the project includes four branches in the selection of diversity in the geographical environment, which will be used by these branches in order to serve a larger segment of the target customers wish is : City Stars in Nasr City, and Point 90 in the Fifth Settlement, the Mall of Arabia i n 6th of October and the City Center in Alexandria. Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Bank of Egypt, said that the launch of the National Bank of Egypt's electronic service branches for the first time in Egypt is intended to confirm the leadership of the National Bank of Egypt in the Egyptian banking market. This type of branch within the Bank's integrated banking system will serve customers with the highest level of efficiency and quality, which will extend the working hours for longer periods to facilitate the access of customers to access banking services, which confirms the Bank's keenness to provide more sophisticated services suited the needs of different categories of customers and also stresses his quest to develop the culture of banking customers through taking advantage of modern alternative methods of obtaining their banking services without the use of human intervention, which enhances the Bank's efforts to activate the system of financial inclusion. Yahya Abul Fotouh, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt, said that the first phase of the project includes many banking services that are available to customers for the first time in the Egyptian banking market such as E-form service, which enables the customer to apply for certain services Such as subscription to National Bank of Egypt Net-Phone Cash- NBE Pay services, linking certificates and data modification forms, obtaining a certified account statement and prepaid cards, and providing services to non-bank customers such as prepaid cards and cash cards. The first phase also includes ATMs, which is a new element that is officially launched for the first time through these branches. The customer can withdraw and deposit cash more than the daily limit allowed through conventional ATM machines. In addition to the possibility of depositing withdrawn checks at the National Bank of Egypt. The first phase also includes Video Call service, which will allow customers to communicate with a representative of customer service in voice and video to help them get the required banking services easily and quickly as well as provide the information that customers may need to increase their banking awareness, stressing that the first phase also allows the opening of all types of accounts for new customers. Dalia Al-Baz, Vice Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt, said that the bank is seeking to expand these branches and open more electronic service branches to cover the geographical areas and categories targeted by the project to meet the latest international technology. Which reflects the efficiency and strength of the technological infrastructure of the bank, which is keen to employ the available modern software and update it continuously to provide the best service to its customers, pointing to the importance of adopting financial technology Fintech in the Egyptian banks to keep pace with global development of banking industry. Dalia Al-Baz stressed that the project will include additional stages to be added to the services and products developed by the bank based on the studies of the Egyptian market and the different needs of customers and further development and improvement of services already available in order to upgrade the level of service provided to customers based on the observations of the performance of services provided in the first phase.