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Solo is the small but powerful solution to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

• Is an entry solution to move from real queues to virtual queues.
• Is ideal for branches with one or multiple service categories
• Supports multiple scenarios; branches, stores, click & collect, etc.
• Is easy to install, stand-alone and needs no PC
• Web based. Can work on a network or offline
• WiFi, with Solo WiFi kit it has its own network
• Apps for Android and iOS to call customers, mobile terminals
• The Spotlight app to get a wireless LCD display
• Supports statistics, digital signage and SMS/E-mail alerts
• Supports central statistics with add-on software
• Can be upgraded to work with Qmatic Enterprise software Orchestra
• Proven through thousands of installations

Features Included in a Base License:

Management Information
A web-based management page displays all basic information from the
system; such as waiting and transaction times for every category and
workstation. All that is needed is a computer with a web browser.

Browser Terminal
A web-based program for the basic tasks performed at a workstation, like
calling the next number and selecting priority. All that is needed is a computer
with a web browser.

Web-based settings
All the settings of the system are done on web-based settings pages from any
computer connected to the network. All that is needed is a computer with a
web browser.

Four access levels protect the system from unauthorized changes. Each level
is protected by a password.

It is easy to use any type of font on displays and tickets. Likewise, it is very
easy to insert pictures on tickets.
An extensive set of script commands can be used to customize many of the
hardware units, for example the information shown on the displays.

Ticket Editor
A program for designing tickets is included. It runs on any Windows PC
connected to the network. With it, it is easy to create ticket designs that
include text, pictures and system information.

Staff login
Staff login enables improved follow-up on individual  level. Being able to measure the daily operations gives even more possibilities to increase service and improve the customer experience.

With local report and statistics export to Management Portal, local admin and
bulk export/import of users.

Requires a Solo Media License:
Using for example Cinematic, the system can show several types of
information on large displays: text, images and video, and information from the
queuing system, like the called ticket number.